Diversifying Marketing

A Unique Form of Advertising

Students, commuters and regular cyclists within Oxford cycle with Promocycle adverts in the frame of their bicycles while tracking their movements with a smartphone app.

This allows for impressions that were not possible to obtain before due to location access, it also allows adverts to move dynamically to reduce the 'blinkering' effect that traditional Out Of Home advertising suffers.


We only charge per hour of exposure

Our riders undertake their daily activities (commuting, shopping etc) and park their bicycles in areas with clear public view. We charge per hour of exposure while our riders are active - This allows for a cost-effective way to advertise at peak times in highly populated areas.

Using sophisticated data-mapping tools we produce heat maps showing the cumulative hours of exposure in specific locations, allowing your business to see exactly where you've made an impression.

Free Design Service

We offer a free design service when you advertise with us. We can also adapt existing artwork or provide a template depending on your businesses requirements.

We tailor our advertising to your requirements

We cater for every need big or small and tailor our service to your business. Please fill out our enquiries form below and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.


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