Ride For Us!

If you regularly ride a bicycle whether it be for popping to the shops, commuting or riding for a delivery company then you will qualify to be one of our riders for October.

Promocycle enables members of the cycling community around Oxford to financially benefit from their bicycle by riding adverts for businesses, while carrying out their daily activities.

How does it work?

Sign Up!

Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page to ride for Promocycle during the month of October! 



Once accepted we will contact you and arrange a time and place at the beginning of October to have your sign fitted. The sign will be cut to the shape of your frame and cable tied (it will not affect the bike in any way)

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Track your Rides

We currently use Strava to track rides and once your sign has been fitted we will send you a link to follow our Strava account.


Get Paid!

When you reach your destination, leave your bike on view to the public and for every hour of exposure we will pay 40p (capped at £30 per month). 

For example if you leave your bike outside the office for 6 hours per day 3 times per week  for the month of October then you would earn £28.80, just for your commute! 

Sign Up!

Fill out the form below to apply to ride for us!

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